hunter's moon

They say Sleet City will eat you up. Sometimes, literally.
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Supernatural species (“Supes”) in the daywalker chronicles



The Supes with the best “species branding”: very popular with humans.


Often misunderstood, lycanthropes live openly among humans worldwide.


Mostly harmless, the merfolk are Undeclared to humans for now. 

hunter’s moon

In Volume 2 of the Daywalker Chronicles, supernatural species consultant Alegria Sequeira has a new set of troubles on her hands in Sleet City: a suspicious relative turning up out of nowhere, a dangerous request from the king of the merfolk, and a new case from the Sleet City Police Department.

All this, and a body count that’s rising … way too fast.

Through all this, Alegria finds the lines between truth and fiction blurring, as she becomes Consort to Joao, the Prince of Sleet City, in much more than name. Meanwhile, Alegria tries to uncover the truth about her nature: is she still human, or is she now something entirely different?


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