Blood On The Moon (Volume 1)

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Supernatural species consultant Alegria Sequeira is about to leave for her best friend’s wedding when she receives an unexpected parcel that changes her life forever. A red satin box containing her sister’s finger, severed and bloody.

The postmark reads: Sleet City.

The city where vice reigns and the air reeks of cruelty and power, where vampires and Weres stalk the streets, adored by humans and basking in the flashes of the paparazzi. The city where your dreams come true just before your nightmares lurch out of the darkness and devour you.

Alegria travels to Sleet City in search of answers from the vampire ruler of the Sleet City vampires: Joao, the Prince of Sleet City and the only one powerful enough to help her. Pulled into a war between a rogue vampire and the Sleet City vampire clan, Alegria finds herself making a series of increasingly worrying compromises that have her questioning the core of her identity.

The closer Alegria gets to the truth, the higher the stakes are, and she finds herself facing choices that might change who and what she is … forever.

* * *

“Solid new voice in vampire fiction. The real superstar here is Sleet City. Much like China Mieville’s New Corbuzon (in Perdido Street Station) the city is the real gem here … a seedy locale that’s plunged into dystopian debauchery. The action and pacing are top notch.”

 – Eric Mays, The Author Speaks



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